Karlheinz Essl

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A computer-driven Web oracle
which reveals the mysteries of Lexikon-Sonate

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This algorithmic text composition will reveal some of the infinite secrets of the realtime composition Lexikon-Sonate, pondering upon problems of algorithmic composition and post modern philosophy, in a never repeating, always mind-challenging way.

The text material was taken from several articles about Karlheinz Essl's Lexikon-Sonate (1992 ff.), an infinite interactive realtime composition for computer-controlled piano:

These articles were processed by a multi-dimensional markov chain algorithm in order to achieve a "reading-through" of the different texts. By this a basic corpus of text particles was created which is stochastically re-combined by a CGI-script which was written by Florian Cramer.

Installation at the Klangturm St.Pölten

Klangturm St. Pölten - 3. Klangkugel
Presentation of the Lexicon-Oracle within the Lexikon-Projekt

Originally, Lexicon-Oracle was conceived as a part of a multimedia installation at the Klangturm St. Pölten - the Lexikon-Projekt - where the electronic version of Andreas Okopenko's Lexikon-Roman was controlling the composition algorithms of Karlheinz Essl's Lexikon-Sonate for computer-controlled piano.


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