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Sound Performance for at least 6 Players with Pebbles

Pebbles © 2017 by Karlheinz Essl


  1. Go to a river and collect three round pebbles. They should be large enough to fit comfortably between your palms.
  2. If necessary, clean them thoroughly.
  3. Find out yourself which sounds you can create with them.


  1. Sit on the floor, forming a circle, facing outwards.
  2. The distance to your neighbours should be far enough so that you can't see him or her.
  3. Close your eyes. Do not open them during the entire performance.
  4. Dwell in silence, trying to achieve a state of relaxation.
  5. Pay attention to the sounds that surrounds you.
  6. From time to time, produce a sound of any duration with the pebble stones. You can play up to 5 sounds during the performance.
  7. When no sound was audible for 3 minutes, the piece is finished.


Video: Jack Hauser


Photo: Felix Kaya

Written for the project POESIE:ZUSAMMEN RAUFEN by Jack Hauser and Claudia Heu
Premier: 22 Jun 2017, Im_flieger@Schokoladenfabrik (Vienna)

Performed by Daniel Aschwanden, Thomas Ballhausen, Milli Bitterli, Gabrielle Cram, David Ender,
Elisabeth Flunger, Jack Hauser, Claudia Heu, Lisa Hinterreithner, Sabina Holzer, Anita Kaya, Barbara
Kraus, Sara Lanner, Lilo Nein, Frans Poelstra, Yasmin Ritschl, Oleg Soulimenko and Anton Tichawa

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Updated: 31 Aug 2017