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Feed Me Black

sound performance for analog synth, MIDI keyboard controller and analog mixer


Setup with Doepfer DARK ENERGY analog synth, a MIDI keyboard controller
and a small analog mixer

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A sound piece inspired by nature and its sounds, performed by Karlheinz Essl at Studio kHz on August 19, 2022. He plays a self-developed electronic instrument based on an analog Doepfer DARK ENERGY synthesizer, controlled by a tiny MIDI keyboard and a small mixing console. Internal feedbacks create a chaotic, non-linear audio environment whose sound could be reminiscent of natural phenomena.

Feed me Black: Drippings
Performed live on August 19th, 2022
© 2022 by Karlheinz Essl


Creating a non-linear audio feedback system with an analog synth (Doepfer DARK ENERGY) and a small Behringer mixer which allows me to feed the audio output into the external audio input of the synth. The system is controlled entirely by a small MIDI keyboard controller (using the velocity of the keys for modulating the VCO's frequency) and its two modulation wheels (one for the gain, one for the cutoff-frequency of the VCF). The audio feedback is controlled with the gain and EQ knobs of the mixing desk. Recorded at Studio kHz on Aug 18th, 2022.

Feed me Black: Tactile
Performed live on August 18th, 2022
© 2022 by Karlheinz Essl


Live performance with a non-linear audio system consisting of a Doepfer DARK ENERGY analogue synthesizer and a small Behringer mixer to control the internal feedback. It can be regarded as the sonification of the well-known "butterfly effect" where tiny modifications of the system parameters can lead to drastic changes. - Recorded at Studio kHz on 12 August 2022.

Feed me Black: Butterfly
Performed live on August 12th, 2022
© 2022 by Karlheinz Essl

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