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Submission to the 60x60 Project

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blurB was created for the 60x60 Project where composers have been asked to submit a piece of maximum 60 seconds length. 60 of those pieces will be performed during a continuous one hour long concert in New York.

blurB emerged on 27 May 2004, a few hours before the chamber music piece blur (for alto flute, vibraphone and cello) was officially premiered at the Schönberg-Center in Vienna, Austria. By using techniques of granular synthesis, a 15 minute recording of this piece played by the Ensemble Recherche was compressed to fit exactly into 60 seconds of time. This condensed structure was filtered digitally with the beginning of the trio where the three instruments commence from the same tone: the note D which functions as an Ariadne's thread for the entire piece.

blurB can be perceived as the essence of blur: as if the original chamber music composition was played 15 times faster through the D key of a vibraphone.

blurB - electronic music for 60x60

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Updated: 5 Apr 2018