Karlheinz Essl & Andrea Nagl

Forms of Life

Music of a performance for a dancer playing small instruments & voice with interactive live-electronics
Album release: 11 Jan 2020

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Recorded live at Studio kHz on Oct 31st, 2019
Mixed and edited at Studio Ölberg on Nov 1st, 2019
Released on 11 Jan 2020 by Nachstück Records

Total duration: 32:52 (one track)

Liner Notes

This recording emerged during a studio rehearsal for the dance performance Forms of Life in which the dancer Andrea Nagl is also playing some musical instruments. The movement of her body in space and her instrumental actions are organized in a precise choreography which scrutinises the development of life from primeval times to the development of microoganisms and the emergence of animals and humans.

Sounds produced on an oceandrum, a shrutibox, a so called „Klangfeile”, Andrea’s own voice and Indian temple bells are fed into a computer programme conceived by Karlheinz Essl for transforming the life input in realtime and projecting them into the space.


Karlheinz Essl, born 1960 in Vienna. Composer, improviser and performer. He studied composition with Friedrich Cerha and musicology in Vienna. Besides composing instrumental and electronic music, he performs on his own electronic instrument m@ze°2, develops software environments for computer-aided composition and creates generative sound and video environments. Composer-in-residence at the Darmstadt summer courses, IRCAM (Paris) and the Salzburg Festival. Between 1995-2006 teaching „Algorithmic Composition” at the Bruckner University in Linz. Since 2007 professor of composition for electro-acoustic and experimental music at the University of Music in Vienna.

Andrea Nagl, born 1975 in Vienna, works as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer as well as a cranio sacral practitioner. Dancing collaboration with numerous companies (including Editta Braun, Elio Gervasi, Tanz * Hotel / Bert Gstettner, Compagnie Smafu / Elisabeth Orlowsky). From 2006/07 cooperation with the media artist Markus Wintersberger (intermedial dance performances, interventions in public space, digital choreography); Occupation with site specific instant composition and improvisation; Interest in working with artists from other fields (visual arts, AV, music). Choreographic research on music-compositional principles and intensive collaboration with the composer Karlheinz Essl.

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