Karlheinz Essl

Amazing Maze


Interactive Realtime Composition
for live-musicians, sampler, computer and headlights

controlled by radio listeners and Internet users


18 Sept 1997, 22:17 - 24:00 MET
Austrian Radio (Ö1: 92 MHz) / RealAudio

David Ender (A) gusla, hurdy-gurdy, rebec, endophon, shortwaves
Helmut Neugebauer (A) saxophone, flute & live-electronics
Elisabeth Flunger (I) percussions
Peter Panay (AUS) E-guitar & bouzouki
Mary Oliver (USA) violin, viola & voice
Richard Barrett (GB) sampler
Karlheinz Essl (A) computer, computer-controlled piano, computer speech & live-electronics

CRESTRON control interface: Walter Thornton / MOCOM GmbH
Internet programming: Volker Christian (court. of Virtual Feedback)
sound engineers: Karl Petermichl, Christian Sodl
presentation: Reinhard Kager

A vision that has been haunting me since a couple of years:

Music which

The very core of AMAZING MAZE is a computer program which generates an infinite sound composition with the aid of random-controlled algorithms in real time.

screen shot

user interface of Amazing Maze (1996/97)

During a fruitful and challenging collaboration between different soloists and composers (mainly carried out via the Internet), the initial concept gradually changed: from a hermetic sound installation, the piece developed towards an improvisation environment which is capable of reacting on exterior influences.

During the concert, which is being broadcasted on the radio and on the Internet as well, listeners may influence the musical behavior of this improvisation environment by either dialing a toll-free telephone number:

Tel.: 0660-6953 (only in Austria)

or by clicking on this button

Each call triggers a random-controlled algorithm that determines which musicians play together. The resulting changes in music can immediately be witnessed by listening to the radio or the RealAudio stream.

In order to receive the live-broadcasted audio stream, you must have installed the RealAudio Player.
Click on the icon below to listen to the music...


RealAudio Live Broadcast

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