Karlheinz Essl

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Sequitur IV

for cello and live-electronics

Dedicated to Anton Lukoszevieze

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Tom Flaherty performing Sequitur IV
19th Annual Ussachevsky Electronic Music Festival
Pomona College (Claremont, USA), 4 Feb 2011


Sequitur is a series of compositions for various solo instruments and live-electronics which I started in 2008. Somehow it can be seen as a reference to Berio’s famous “Sequenze” cycle of solo pieces which focus on specific playing techniques of the respective instrument. Up to now I have finished more than a dozen pieces including orchestral instruments like flute and violin, but also for voice and more exotic ones such as electric guitar, toy piano and kalimba.

All Sequitur composition use a software written in MaxMSP which creates an electronic accompaniment from the instrument’s live input; the player is confronted with his own playing, and this creates a situation like moving in a house of mirrors where the identities becomes blurred. Each piece can be performed by the player alone who just has to press a key on the computer keyboard whenever this is indicated in the score. The software generates a complex canon on the fly, the temporal structure and density of which being controlled by random operations. This yields different results every time the piece is performed. Although following a precisely notated score, there is always a good portion of surprise for the musician which emphasizes his awareness and attentiveness.


The score of Sequitur IV can be downloaded for free. Please note that the music is protected by copyright.


This recording of Sequitur IV is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License and must not be modified.

Sequitur IV (2008) for cello and live-electronics
Anton Lukoszevieze: cello / Karlheinz Essl: live-electronics
Recorded and produced at University of East Anglia, Norwich 17-18 Sep 2008

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