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100 tiny notes for toy piano

Written for David Bohn's The 100-note Toy Piano Project

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Written for a three-octave toy piano for David Bohn's The 100-note Toy Piano Project, this tiny composition consists of exactly 100 notes and lasts only 1 minute. It performs three processes at the same time:
  1. the ambitus of three octaves collapsing into a single pitch
  2. a tempo transition from very slow to extremly fast and
  3. an insisting dynamic increase from piano to fortissimo

Despite its strict structure, the piece should be played in a fluent rubato attitude with lots of espressivo.


Computer simulation of Centime
Recorded by Karlheinz Essl on 6 Jan 2019


Here you can download the score for free. Please notice that this piece is copyright protected.

Centime score

Centime (2019) for toy piano solo
© 2019 by Karlheinz Essl

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Updated: 22 Nov 2021