Karlheinz Essl

Portrait KHE


generative sound environment for a light installation by Rainer Gottemeier
Audio CD released April 2004


  Karlheinz Essl: CD SEELEWASCHEN   SEELEWASCHEN was composed for a light installation by Rainer Gottemeier which is swimming in a huge water bassin of a former shipyard. The environment is surrounded by 7 loudspeakers which are standing in wide distance from each other. Each loudspeaker is acting as an autonomous source playing pre-composed soundfiles and pause tracks in random order. By this, an unexpected sonic situation is created which never repeats itself and always appears in the state of flow and change.

The sound material for this piece was drawn from a single stroke of a church bell. For this CD, a stereo simulation of the original outdoor piece was produced in the studio.

  Cover design by Andy Kern, using a photo of the light installation by Rainer Gottemeier


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Listen to a 3:31 excerpt of the piece (3.2 MB)

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