Karlheinz Essl

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  Karlheinz Essl: CD m@ze°2   Electronic music performed live by Karlheinz Essl on his computer-based instrument m@ze°2 on 23 March 1999 and 19 Nov 1999. All material has been recorded live without any overdubs. This CD was originally released as limited CD edition with artwork by Werner Korn.

As it is sold out, it was re-released on the Internet: first by www.tape.at, and since August 2004 by ruccas.org where you can listen and download the all the tracks as MP3 files.

Track List

Hi 12:49
Lo 03:52
Gstrampfter 06:28
à Guilleaume 06:14
CanCan 03:04
Tampûra 05:46
Céleste 06:42
Hoquetus 03:41
Out of A 08:39
ClockWork 03:05
Burst 04:29

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Updated: 16 Jan 2007