MindShipMind (1996-98)
Realtime-Generated Multimedia Computer / Web Installation
with Text, Pictures, Animations, Sound, and Computer Speech
by Karlheinz Essl and Vibake Sørensen

Combinatory writing (N.N.)
in: internet source

In such early work of digital recombination, other media and sound artists like Vibeke Sorenson and Karlheinz Essl used markov-chain based algorithms to deconstruct and reconstruct texts into new ‘meta-texts.’ It is interesting however, that Sørensen and Essl reinscribe the ‘meta-text’ with some degree of reverence for the algorithm: "revealing secret wisdom about the mysteries of ‘order, complexity, and beauty.’" From these recombinations of sound, text, image, and video using such programs as MAX, the generated text was valued in terms of an algorithm’s capability to process information, and recombine texts in entirely non-linear, non-sequential, and essentially non-human ways.

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Updated: 5 Oct 2004